Photo credit: A city vehicle was spotted blocking a bike lane. (

Bike lanes are becoming the norm in streets around the city, but pedal fans say some motorists haven’t received the memo.

Transit advocates say they’ve noticed an increased in the number of cars parked in bike lanes and are worried that it will become a growing trend. Caroline Samponaro, the senior director of campaigns and organizing for Transportation Alternatives, said it is troubling when some of the cars are emergency vehicles that are parked during non-emergencies for hours on end.

"If you see a cop using a bike lane and it’s casual … people think it’s not a big deal," she said.

The NYPD didn’t return messages for comment. The city’s 311 office said it doesn’t keep track of bike lane blockage complaints but said that they receive an average of 135 calls per day related to illegal parking.

In the meantime, some bikers have taken to the Internet to let off some steam. One such site, the Tumblr “Cops in Bike Lanes,” posts daily pictures of emergency vehicles throughout the city blocking the lanes.

The site’s creator, who asked to remain anonymous, said there is a real safety issue when a biker realizes their lane has an impediment.

"It’s a terrible example for every other driver when a cop car blocks a lane," the site’s founder said.


Hoyt and Schermerhorn, Brooklyn.  October 14, 2013.  Submitted by Lisa B.  This vehicle is a repeat offender.


Hoyt and Schermerhorn, Brooklyn.  October 14, 2013.  Submitted by Lisa B.  This vehicle is a repeat offender.


You guessed it, Hoyt and Schermerhorn.  October 2, 2013.  Submitted by a user who wishes to remain anonymous.  This particular car has been featured five or six times now….pathetic.

Pretty sure the #cop was sleeping. #getoffmybikelane

Street rules for #pedestrians #getoffmybiekalne

Street rules for #pedestrians #getoffmybiekalne

Traffic laws for your pockets. #getoffmybikelane. Anonymous submission.

Oh Florida drivers. Here bike lanes are for the kind you pedal. Points for the sidi shoes though - not get off my bike lane. 4th ave by the goth store

This woman was walking in the bike lane for several blocks on 1st Ave. At a stop light I warned a rider next to me by nodding ahead in the woman’s direction and telling him to “watch out for her as she’s been in the bike lane for several blocks now.” As he passed her I could tell he said something to her (which was good), and she yelled back something about her being able to walk in the street.

Courtesy. Professionalism. Respect. Except for bikelanes.

NYPD and Taxis taking over on 28th and 6th. I don’t think this counts as a bike. Anonymous submission.

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“Friends, I will be on vacation until September 7. So help me document things blocking our lanes. Submit photos or videos and I’ll make sure to post them daily!”
— Marc #bikenyc: Hey it’s nice that you’re just hanging around. I got places to be. #getoffmybikelane!